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The Montreal Expos play at Olympic Stadium in Montreal. The Expos have been playing at Olympic stadium since 1977. (4/15/77 Phillies 7 Expos 2).

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To order individual tickets to any Expos' game, call the Admission network
Canada: 800-361-4595
USA: 800-678-5440
Olympic Stadium
4549 Pierre-de-Coubertin Ave.
Montreal, QC H1V 3N7
(514) 8GO-EXPOS
The Olympic Stadium complex offers a large number of on-site parking lots. Indoor spots are accessible on the stadium block bordered by Pierre de Coubertin Avenue (entrances A1 and A2), Pie IX Boulevard (entrance A3), and Sherbrooke Street (entrance A4). The cost of parking for all games is $10 (Canadian). Outdoor parking is also available on Viau street, while other parking lots are available, usually at a lesser rate, within several blocks of the stadium.
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